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  1. Published on: 05/08/2022 09:19 AMReported by: editor
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    The Samaritans offer advice about 'doomscrolling'.

    What is ‘doomscrolling’?

    ‘Doomscrolling’ or ‘doom surfing’ describes the habit of endlessly scrolling through bad news online, even if it causes you stress and anxiety. Some people may find themselves continuously reading without feeling like they can stop or take a break.

    If you're finding it hard to cope with the news and social media, you’re not alone. The seemingly constant stream of upsetting stories and images can feel overwhelming at times.

    In recent years, media reporting and commentary has become increasingly alarming. Sometimes it can be hard to pull yourself away from the news or social media, especially if you’re feeling worried or upset by what’s happening in the world.

    During difficult times, it’s natural to search for more information. This can help you to feel more informed or give you answers that might put you at ease in a stressful situation. If you find yourself going past the point of finding the information you were looking for or feeling like you’re stuck spending more and more time online, you may need to take a break for your wellbeing.

    You may be feeling guilty about having the ability to switch off from the news, when for others it’s right on their doorstep. It might seem like a lot is happening outside of your control, and this can feel overwhelming.

    As hard as it can be to pull yourself away from the news and social media, it’s important to accept that it’s OK to step back and focus on your day-to-day life.

    Some practical tips are:

    Turn off alerts - Choose when you engage with news and social media apps by switching off alerts and push notifications. Turning off alerts to news and social media apps might help give you more control over when you read the news or engage with apps.

    Try using a watch or alarm clock instead of your phone - This can help you avoid the temptation of reading the news first thing after waking up. If possible, leave your phone in a different room when you go to bed, or try reading a book before you go to sleep if scrolling through your phone at night is becoming a habit.

    Curate your social media feeds - Try to only follow trusted news sources. You can limit the content you see on social media by blocking or muting accounts that aren’t helpful. Some platforms will also let you filter out certain search terms or hashtags, so you have more control over what comes up on your feed.

    Set time limits for your screen time - Planning to do something afterwards can help you stick to your limit. It can be something simple like: making a cup of tea, taking a short walk outside, switching to a positive news story before you stop reading. This can help you to take a step back if you find yourself starting to scroll endlessly.

    Remember if you are struggling, you are not alone

    Talk to your friends, family or someone you trust about how you’re feeling. It’s OK to ask for help. You may want to try:
    • asking someone in your household to remind you to take a step back from the news or social media
    • setting a time at night when you put your phone down for the day
    • delete news apps and ask friends or family to let you know of any important updates.

    If you don’t feel you don’t have anyone you can turn to, our volunteers are always here to listen and won’t judge you or tell you what to do. Call free, day or night, on 116 123 or email


    Useful links: Report Cyber Crime | Stop Nuisance Calls & Mail | Daily Covid Stats (updated 4pm) | Covid excess deaths in your area | Local NHS Resources | What 3 Words

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  3. jamyramy says:06/08/2022 07:25 PM
    always thought the samaritans were just that .and activly intervened in a suicide atempt .their perpose after all .butyet no .they these days listen and let happen the act before their ears on end of why !!!!

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